Re: Happy 2018 To All
Mon Jan 1, 2018 06:24

Happy New Year to all .

  • Happy 2018 To AllOldmics, Sun Dec 31 09:25
    Pretty slow in this Forum these days. Lotta good information in this Forum. Hope it stays around for a while. All the Best to you Ford Fans Oldmics
    • Happy New Yearalkemy, Thu Jan 4 01:48
      Hope you all have a great 2018.
    • Re: Happy 2018 To All — Lee, Mon Jan 1 06:24
    • Things are slowSneakyP957, Sun Dec 31 22:46
      I agree. I remember when this was one of my favorite forums,and I was updated multiple times each day about new posts. Then Facebook came along and ruined things.
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