Re: Happy 2019 To All
Wed Jan 2, 2019 16:39

It hurts to only see holiday greetings at this web site,but I would rather see them than see nothing.

I am wrapped up in too many non-U-Block problems now,including hospital problems,to contribute,but if it is still around when I start work on my 34 Ford stock-bodied pu/312 project,I will be sure to be posting them.

BTW,anybody have any stock Edsel y-block valve covers for sale? I'd like to have a pair to put on the 312 so if I ever get the damn thing on the road I can tell them stuff like "Edsels were experimental high-horsepower Fords. You didn't know that?" They will go nicely with the factory dual quad intake and t-bird breather I have for it.

  • Re: Happy 2019 To Allalkemy, Tue Jan 1 01:43
    Happy 2019 to you and all other members, Al.
    • Re: Happy 2019 To All — SneakyP957, Wed Jan 2 16:39
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