Robert Place
Re: Plugs fowling
Sun Mar 24, 2019 14:46

Solved the problem. Found the dual action fuel pump had a blown diaphram on the lower side. Oil from the crankcase was being sucked up the vacumn line and into the intake. The front four cylinders got the worst of it and fouled those plugs first. Replaced fuel pump with a newlty rebuilt pump with modern materials that hold up to modern fuels. Runs perfectly and never so cleanly. I suppose this could happen to any Y Block using a dual diaphram fuel pump. Hope this helps someone else.

  • Plugs fowlingRobert , Tue Sep 18 14:42
    Spark Plugs fowling on cylinders 1,2,5,6. The other four are perfect. Any ideas? So far I have installed a new intake manifold gasket. Replaced the carburetor and did a tune up. New plugs, points,... more
    • Re: Plugs fowling — Robert Place, Sun Mar 24 14:46
      • ethanol and diaphramsArthur138, Mon Mar 25 01:36
        Not only y-blocks,but any car originally built to run regular and unleaded gas. Ethanol is one of the worse scams to have ever been afflicted on the American people.
      • Re: Plugs fowlingalkemy, Mon Mar 25 00:36
        Glad you found the problem, good info.
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