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Thu Jun 18, 2009 6:24pm

It is very difficult to accept what is happening to our animals because they are a part of our family. The life span of a Dalmatian is between 11-13 yrs. My advice is to take Coco to the vet. My Dalmatian had a 7lb mass on her spleen and it was malignant. I had the spleen removed and the cancer spreaded to her bone marrow, ($2000.00 in cost for surgery). After surgery the vet gave her 3 weeks to live she passed away in two, I had her cremated. My advice is to take her to the vet and have her checked out. Please do not be in denial about her health. Coco is old and please take in consideration it could be a number of health issues. Don't procrastinate get her to a vet. Also, take in consideration when we get old our health takes a turn so will Coco's. I wish you the best for your Dal.....
Go to this website..... I hope this helps.....

  • end of life problem dalmationscoco kilrush, Wed Jun 17 5:39pm
    my dog is 13 years. her back legs are suddenly weak. tonight she cant stand.what should i do.?.can the vet s do any thing?COCO
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    • Re: end of life problem dalmationsDebL, Mon Jun 22 4:19pm
      Definately take her to the vet for an evaluation. It could be any number of things from serious (ie. stroke, cancer, tumor, etc.) to something very minor (pinched nerve from sleeping wrong, bladder... more
    • CoCo — Rhonda, Thu Jun 18 6:24pm
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