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Home cooked diet for stone former
Sat Jul 4, 2009 8:57pm

My 12.5 year old male was recently operated on to remove a larqe quantity of stones from his bladder. I am currently giving him a home cooked diet again. I used to give him (mornings) cottage cheese, rice and egg, with vitamin supplements and (evenings) egg and rice with vitamin supplements. Right now, he seems to be completely disinterested in his old diet. I have taken to giving him 3 decker natural peanut butter sandwiches (not whole grain bread) with a boiled egg and vitamin supplements morning and evenings. Also some fruit and veg. He is eating this eagerly; I want to keep his weight up as he is recovering. These foods are low in purines, so I believe it is safe for him, but I don't feel that sandwiches is the best diet for a dog. Any suggestions?

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