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Dalmatian Pics
Wed Jul 8, 2009 3:23am

I haven't been on in a long long time. Just thought I'd share..

Vick Running 62209

Spotacus 6309

Mag Vic Spot Bite 51709

This butts for you!
Maggie Spotacus Butts Lake 51109

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    • Love your dog's name!Alanna, Wed Jul 8 7:12pm
      If I were 'allowed' to have another dal after my current furry friend, I would definitely steal your dog's name Spotacus. Brilliant! I love it!
      • NameJJ, Wed Jul 8 7:32pm
        Ha ha ha thank you. He was born about the time 300 came out. So I was inspired by the movie :o)
    • Re: Dalmatian PicsDebL, Wed Jul 8 9:55am
      Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful pictures! I miss seeing those spots...especially the butt ones!
      • Thank youJJ, Wed Jul 8 7:33pm
        I don't think most people appreciate a Dal pic as much as a Dal lover. Thank you.
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