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How to post pics
Wed Nov 4, 2009 5:56pm

Open a Photobucket account. It's free. Upload pics, and once you've done that much I will tell you how. Just respond to this post.

Here is Photobucket website.
Once you've uploaded pics, you can share your photo album with anyone.

  • Re:More PicsJayarine, Tue Oct 27 2:25pm
    We just lost our beloved Dalmatian Snoopy today. Would like to post some pics. Would someone advise how I'm to upload them? Thank you.
    • How to post pics — AlaskaDals, Wed Nov 4 5:56pm
      • How to Post PicsJayarine, Wed Nov 18 8:23am
        Thank you so much AlaskaDals, for your valuable advice re: posting pics.Just saw your response. Now I've uploaded two pics and would appreciate your tips on how to post them to this site. Thank you.
        • Posting Pics.. How to..AlaskaDals, Thu Nov 19 8:32pm
          OK. Open up the Photobucket webpage with your photos displayed there. Hover the pointer over the desired pic and a drop down menu will appear. You will see: EMail & IM, Direct Link, HTML Code and IMG ... more
          • Posting Pics....Jayarine, Tue Nov 24 11:26am
            Thank you so much AlaskaDals for all the help in posting pics. Here are two, for the moment.
            • No ProblemAlaskaDals, Fri Nov 27 5:15pm
              Are all those your pups? That patch is a cutie.
              • Re: No ProblemJayarine, Sun Nov 29 1:01pm
                Yes, they are our pups.Sadly, we lost their father Snoopy who was diagnosed with Babesiosis which he got cured of but he also had Filaria for which he was never treated. The Vet said the drug had bad ... more
    • Re:More PicsKelli, Wed Oct 28 9:37am
      So very sorry to hear about your loss. It is so hard to loose such a special member of your family. Their unconditional love is just amazing. Wishing you and your family peace at this time. Kelli
      • Thank youJayarine, Wed Nov 18 8:27am
        Thank you so much Kelli for your response and words of comfort.We miss our beloved Dal so much as he was such a beautiful, loving pet in our family. Sending you blessings from Sri Lanka.... Jayarine
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