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Deb L.
Sun Apr 18, 2010 8:21pm

Beef is a higher purine meat than chicken. If your Dal has any tendency to be a stone former, beef would not be a good choice to feed. Your vet should know this. Personally...I would stick with the chicken (make sure it has NO liver...liver is VERY high in purines!).

  • Is Beef OK for Dalmatians?Jayarine, Thu Apr 1 12:27pm
    Our Vet didn't seem to know that Beef is not good for Dalmatians. Can someone please enlighten me on this topic as our Dals are given Chicken only.
    • Beef — Deb L., Sun Apr 18 8:21pm
      • Re: Beef for DalsJayarine, Wed Apr 21 12:52pm
        Thank you Deb,for your advice. Our Dals are given Chicken and Beef only now and again, mixed with the Chicken and rice & veges.
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