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Spanner & Spinner
Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:37pm

Well I guess I knew the day would arrive when both dogs were gone. I did have to have Spanner put down a year ago Jan. as the cauna equina did turn into a doggy dementia. I slept on the airbed with both dals for 6 mo's with Spanner becoming less able to be comforted and throwing himself around day and night. I took him in to the vet and decided that I did not need to put myself through his being put down. Spanner was happy at the vets, liked all the techs and doc. I knew he was in great hands. It was best for him and me. Spin clearly knew Spanner was missing within hours. She would not go up to bed for a few nights so we slept downstairs though not on the airbed with all the scent. She gradually lost more mobility from last summer on until she was not able to walk or even standup. I found a mechanics creeper made out of solid plastic that I could lift her on to and roll her out the slider. She actually adapted to it quickly and could take care of her bathroom needs, sometimes more successfully than others. She eventually got to the point of yipping constantly and there was little peace to be had. I was trying to lift her up to the bed or couch and I started having real problems with my back, shoulder and neck. Things just continued to deteriorate until I had to look at the amount of quality time we were actually having. It wasn't much. I finally had her put down a couple of weeks ago after realizing that I was in serious pain and could not keep up with the cleaning, laundry and lifting I had to do to keep up with her needs. This time I stayed with her as the vet put her down and I was amazed at the peace that came over her on her passing, realizing that I had not seen that in her for so long. It was the right thing to do but I miss her kisses and love each morning. This one is tougher on me. Maybe it is realizing it is just the end of the end, not sure. More it feels like it is the love and snuggling that we shared each morning. Hated to have to post a downer post but thought I owed you good guys an update.

    • Re: Spanner & SpinnerKelli, Mon Apr 19 10:03am
      Mary, So very very sorry to hear about your loss. It is comforting to know you have a sense of peace about it all. It is hard to say goodbye and is something we will never forget. I like to remember... more
      • Re: Spanner & SpinnerMary, Tue Apr 20 3:31pm
        Kelly and all other readers: Thanks for your note. Over the entire 16 yrs of sharing the house, yard, couches, bed, and airbeds; there are immense amounts of memories that could truly fill a large... more
        • Re: Spanner & SpinnerDeb L., Tue Apr 20 9:24pm
          Mary, I've thought of you often in the years since I lost Coop, and wondered how you were coping. So it was with a heavy heart that I read your post. I'm glad you seem to have found peace in dealing... more
          • Re:Spanner & SpinnerMary, Wed Apr 21 4:20am
            Hi Deb: I have thought about you none stop over the last couple of years too. This adventure has been going on for 16 yrs and many of the posters have been here all the way along. It's hard to have... more
            • Re:Spanner & SpinnerDeb L., Thu Apr 29 9:55pm
              Hi Mary, I know you did everything, and more, for your precious babies...I would have too. In some ways, I'm glad Cooper went quickly on his own, although another part of me (a BIG part of me) wishes ... more
              • Re:Spanner & SpinnerMary, Fri Apr 30 4:51am
                Hi Deb: Good to hear back from you. So glad Shep has become a great companion to you. Nothing like a young dog to insist on your getting up and taking care of their needs, wants, and desires. Pretty... more
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