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Re: Spanner & Spinner
Tue Apr 20, 2010 3:31pm

Kelly and all other readers:

Thanks for your note. Over the entire 16 yrs of sharing the house, yard, couches, bed, and airbeds; there are immense amounts of memories that could truly fill a large book that would be comical for the most part, interlaced with some frustration and an occasional angry moment or two. These dogs absolutely filled the gap left when my kids grew and left home. Our home was always on the energetic side, a bit caotic. The Dals kept the action going and added to it but it clearly got me through the empty nest time as I never experienced it. Now the house seems so quiet. This is not all bad however as my home has gone to *%@# over the last two years and now must dig out to get some order back.

I totally devoted virtually every minute of everyday to taking care of their needs in the end. My vet was wonderfully supportive but continually cautioned me to be careful to not go overboard and put myself in danger. I did keep that info close but ignored it in many ways also. I don't have any great advice to pass along to other owners except to say do what your heart tells you but understand that a decision must be made sooner or later. The actual experience of sitting with the dog on the floor while the meds are given was not truamatic but very peaceful. I know I did all that could possibly be done, found solutions for issues that needed to be addressed i.e. moving them around when they couldn't walk, pads, diapers, vinyl sheeting, etc. I have some good ideas if people need them for dealing with aging dogs. When it comes to vets and the cost of meds, I would say absolutely tell your vet what your budget is and though they may not reduce their office charges, they can make meds much less expensive. Vet Rx's are marked up very high. I asked my vet to use Costco for any meds that I could get there at significant savings. He was a jewel about doing so. There are human NSAIDS that can be given in place of vet NSAIDS. Be strong and tell the vet what you need and what you want. If they are unwilling or honestly unable to help, ask for a referral. Vets deserve to make a decent income but some have gone a bit kooky with charging up the ying yang. Buy a good vet health book that you can refer to regularly. You'll find that on your own, you can handle many things.


  • Re: Spanner & SpinnerKelli, Mon Apr 19 10:03am
    Mary, So very very sorry to hear about your loss. It is comforting to know you have a sense of peace about it all. It is hard to say goodbye and is something we will never forget. I like to remember... more
    • Re: Spanner & Spinner — Mary, Tue Apr 20 3:31pm
      • Re: Spanner & SpinnerDeb L., Tue Apr 20 9:24pm
        Mary, I've thought of you often in the years since I lost Coop, and wondered how you were coping. So it was with a heavy heart that I read your post. I'm glad you seem to have found peace in dealing... more
        • Re:Spanner & SpinnerMary, Wed Apr 21 4:20am
          Hi Deb: I have thought about you none stop over the last couple of years too. This adventure has been going on for 16 yrs and many of the posters have been here all the way along. It's hard to have... more
          • Re:Spanner & SpinnerDeb L., Thu Apr 29 9:55pm
            Hi Mary, I know you did everything, and more, for your precious babies...I would have too. In some ways, I'm glad Cooper went quickly on his own, although another part of me (a BIG part of me) wishes ... more
            • Re:Spanner & SpinnerMary, Fri Apr 30 4:51am
              Hi Deb: Good to hear back from you. So glad Shep has become a great companion to you. Nothing like a young dog to insist on your getting up and taking care of their needs, wants, and desires. Pretty... more
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