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Deb L.
Re:Spanner & Spinner
Thu Apr 29, 2010 9:55pm

Hi Mary,

I know you did everything, and more, for your precious babies...I would have too. In some ways, I'm glad Cooper went quickly on his own, although another part of me (a BIG part of me) wishes he could have stayed around longer and allowed me to nurse him through his old age. To have him leave so suddenly while still enjoying a good quality of life was almost unbearable, and still brings me to tears writing of it.

As far as my new dog, Shep, he has become a wonderful companion and I love him dearly. We were both so damaged when I first got him, and we have grown so much together. He also forced me to get up and out when I might otherwise have just moped around the house. I just couldn't stand the empty house after so many years of having kids and dogs around constantly. But I understand your hesitency. As you well know, dogs are a huge responsibility, both emotionally and financially, and you need to know you can provide for them. Only you can make the decision about whether or when you are ready to get another one.

I will probably still visit here on occasion...once a dal lover, always a dal lover. I saw one at the shopping center the other day and went up to visit it. I think the owners were a bit put off when I started gushing about how much I missed old Coop, but I couldn't help myself. He was my sweet boy, and I will never forget him. His ashes are in the breakfront in my family room...I couldn't bear to leave him behind when we moved.

Take care, Mary.


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    • Re:Spanner & Spinner — Deb L., Thu Apr 29 9:55pm
      • Re:Spanner & SpinnerMary, Fri Apr 30 4:51am
        Hi Deb: Good to hear back from you. So glad Shep has become a great companion to you. Nothing like a young dog to insist on your getting up and taking care of their needs, wants, and desires. Pretty... more
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