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Re:Spanner & Spinner
Fri Apr 30, 2010 4:51am

Hi Deb:
Good to hear back from you. So glad Shep has become a great companion to you. Nothing like a young dog to insist on your getting up and taking care of their needs, wants, and desires. Pretty much like a 2 - 3 yr old toddler who won't be ignored. I too can relate to the idea of a house full of kids, dogs and cats then suddenly the house isn't crazy anymore. I wasn't prepared for that at 46. The Dals certainly made sure this place was always hopping and me too. Now at 58 I'm ready to focus on my own activities and have jumped into the yard work big time. I do love physically working hard outside, though I wish I would stop before I start hobbling around.

There is a huge part of me that would love another Dal, mostly for the unique emotional bonding they are able to make with humans. I've never experienced anything quite like that with any other dog. I feel though that at this point in my life, the activity level a Dal should have would not necessarily be what I would want to keep up with.

I just found out today that I have become a grand dogma for a third time to a little girl chocolate lab named Annie Bella, Bella for short. My son who I honestly never expected to become a dog owner had a chance to take Bella from a breeder, who had just gotten the pup back from a couple who are divorcing. My son is getting a good start with Bella on training, kenneling, anxiety reduction by jingling keys, going in and out doors, not overreacting to greeting her when he comes home, etc. I also am grand dogma to Jazzy, my daughter's chocolate lab, and Mandy, her golden lab. So I do have dogs in my life who even love to sleep with my husband and I when we visit the grandkids.

Take care, write any time. Hugs to Shep.


  • Re:Spanner & SpinnerDeb L., Thu Apr 29 9:55pm
    Hi Mary, I know you did everything, and more, for your precious babies...I would have too. In some ways, I'm glad Cooper went quickly on his own, although another part of me (a BIG part of me) wishes ... more
    • Re:Spanner & Spinner — Mary, Fri Apr 30 4:51am
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