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Aging Dal Care
Thu May 13, 2010 12:40pm

We rescued a liver/white dal several years ago and she is one of the most precious gifts in our life we've ever had. When we took her it was a little over 2 months before we were able to reverse the damage the neglect had caused her. Her skin was a mess and bleeding in many areas but it never stopped that mighty wagging tail of hers from moving. Since then her coat has just been the softest and most shining fur; skin problems gone. Talk about an affectionate, smart and loving animal! She is almost 15 years old now and starting to show signs of aging. To her good fortune, after we took over her care, she's never had any real health problems and has had just the best nature...however she has recently slowed down greatly, starting to limp and is of course flat out not able to prevent the aging process. We've discussed her aging with her vet and we're all on the same page...while we won't let her suffer we also want to keep her for as long as possible. Are there any signs in particular with Dals that would signal to us that it is time? Are they prone to wanting to hide somewhere and just end things? Thank you so much for your help.

    • Re: Aging Dal CareDebL, Mon Jun 7 11:40am
      Welcome to the world of aging dogs. It's a bittersweet journey with ups and downs, certainty and doubt, love and fear. All I can tell you is to keep her as comfortable as possible (Pain meds, heated... more
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