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Re: Skin Problems in Dalmatians
Tue Mar 1, 2011 1:58am

I am hoping so to. She is currently on a vegetarian diet (i think?) its just biscuits the Supercoat Sensitive Skin Range with the occassional treat of left over rice or rice pasta (as i am also on a strict gluten free diet) she doesnt get access to much in the way of wheat or gluten in her food or Meat. She is a strange Case I think buit hopefully we can sort something out as i cant stand her looking anything but 100%

  • Re: Skin Problems in DalmatiansJayarine, Tue Mar 1 1:44am
    We've had many Dalmatians with none of their characteristic health problems like deafness, rash, etc. I guess we've been lucky.Our two Dals we had earlier died young probably due to their diets which ... more
    • Re: Skin Problems in Dalmatians — Emm, Tue Mar 1 1:58am
      • Here's a Link.....Jayarine, Tue Mar 1 2:48am
        Hi Emm, Sending you a helpful link re: skin disorders in Dalmatians. Hope you find it useful and hope your Dal heals fast. Cheers! Jayarine
        • skin problemsSusan, Wed Mar 2 10:24am
          We had a Dalmatian with skin problems and we took him to the University of Davis Vet. School. They did not think he would survive but he did with different food and lots of meds - he was at about 75% ... more
          • Dalmatian Cristina, Thu Jun 2 9:42pm
            hi ... sorry to hear about your Dalmatian. I had a Dalmatian from the time he was 8 weeks old until almost 15 years old (1 month short of his birthday). I had to put him to sleep due to kidney... more
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