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Re food
Sat Mar 31, 2012 9:01am

I feed my Dalmatian Fromm family foods, the four star! It is a great food made by a family company made in the USA. It is holistic and all natural made with human grade ingredients. I did a ton of research when I got my baby and this was one of the best foods I found. It is a rotional diet so they can get a variety of proteins and amino acids. It has moderate levels of protien and fat. It has high per cent of omega 3's and fatty acids which help with skin and coat. It has no corn or fillers... Which tend to led to allergies. My dogs do wonderfully on this food and I have never had any issues. I also feed raw meat ( stay away from game meats as the purines tend to be too high) when my dogs are active with tracking or agility. I tend to feed turkey, lamb, and fish.

My dals and I vote for Fromm

  • Food sparkysparkx, Mon Aug 2 4:21pm
    Hi! so i have had my puppy for a few months now and everyone i have talked to and everything i have read about the breed says that they get stones very easily. Is there a good way to prevent them?... more
    • Re food — Spots4life, Sat Mar 31 9:01am
    • Re: Food DebL, Wed Aug 4 2:40pm
      If your dal is a stone former (not all of them can have your vet test her urine for ph and sediment) you need to steer clear of purines, which are found in beef and organ meats, among other ... more
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