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Temptation Summer Trivia Answers Pt II
Fri Aug 15, 2014 04:25

74. According to Otis, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony was a very happy and joyous occasion but also very sad. Why? IT WOULD BE THE LAST TIME THAT THE ORIGINAL 4 PLUS ONE WOULD BE TOGETHER. DAVID, EDDIE, MELVIN, OTIS + DENNIS.
75. What song was scheduled to be recorded by the Tempts but when they were unreachable, Berry Gordy gave the song to The Contours to record. It would become an instant hit that is being played to this day. Name the song. "DO YOU LOVE ME"
76. What ever became of Elbridge "Al" Bryant? HE DIED 10/26/1975,, AGE 36, FROM LIVER CIRRHOSIS.
77. Dennis Edwards was a member of what other Motown group? THE CONTOURS
78. In 1955, Paul Williams had a group named The Primes. They also used the name The Cavaliers, Which person was NOT a group member? VERNARD PLAIN
79. In Hollywood California what is the address where the Temptations "STAR" on the walk of fame for recording artist can be found? 7060 HOLLYWOOD BLVD
80. Match the guys in height: PAUL WILLIAMS 6'0", MELVIN FRANKLIN 6'1", EDDIE KENDRICKS & OTIS WILLIAMS 6'2", DAVID RUFFIN 6'3", DENNIS EDWARDS 6'4" (As I stated early-on the guys HAD TO BE a minimum of six feet tall)
81. Who is Elan Carter and what I her relationship to one of the original guys? SHE IS THE DAUGHTER OF OTIS MILES JR...aka OTIS WILLIAMS
82. How many #1 singles did The Temptations have? DESPITE THEIR ENORMOUS SUCCESS
83. When was Ron Tyson's first appearance as a Temptation? MOTOWN 25 (1983).

What is your best memory about the Temptations (one or all).

In the mid-1960's my family lived in Brooklyn New York and The Temptations were "the group" to see. There was a Motown Review with about 8 of Motown's top names on the show. The Temptations were the headliners. On the show was The Marvelettes, The Supremes, Martha & The Vandella, Marvin Gaye, The Miracles, The Contours, don't remember the other group and THE TEMPTATIONS. David Eddie Melvin Otis and Paul.

The first time I met them I was in awe and just could not believe I was in the same space as the guys. This time I was a bit more subdued (yeah right). My mother was hired by The Miracles to cook dinner and bring it to the Harlem Apollo every evening (this was during the time one show would be 5 - 7 days, with a show twice a day. A matinee and an evening show) . So many times my sisters, brother and I would go to the Apollo and just hang out a lot earlier than my mom would arrive (we had to help bring the many pans of food into the theatre) and watch the groups rehearse and do sound checks. I instantly fell in love with Blue and Paul. They loved to have fun and joked around a lot. If there was a time they could sneak out a door and go out a just get a sandwich they were happy. They were never too busy to sign an autograph, smile and say hi, and just let fans know how much they appreciated them. But then there was always some kids that hung around the Apollo (employees children) who took orders and ran to get the entertainers food before Mom would arrive. This particular afternoon, Paul convinced Blue to go to a restaurant and get something to eat. He told Blue there was only a few innocent looking females at the back door and they could get out and back with incident.

Well, we all watched them immaculately dressed (in suits no less) exiting the stage door. It was not 10 minutes later when some desperate banging on the stage door and begging to get back in. It was Blue and Paul it appeared that between the time they looked out the window and when they left the crowd had swelled and the crowd of young ladies almost ripped them to shreds. Still keeping their sense of humor Blue and Paul went to change their clothes and came back with the remains of what was once suits, sleeves ripped out, lapels torn off, and Blue's back vent was ripped off and it took the entire back panel with it. Paul only had a piece of his suit jacket lining and one shoe his slacks looked like those Tom Sawyer wore . Each had hung what was left of their suites and shirts on hangers and said it was a reminder to stay inside and let the kids go get them something to eat. They laughed non stop as they compared who had more parts left on his suit. It was refreshing to see their sense of humor. When my mom arrived with her "spread", Melvin hugged her and told her it was her fault he was attacked and she had to give him two plates because he missed his lunch. Blue and Paul were just genuinely great guys. This was an incident I will remember for the rest of my life. Loved those guys!!

Well ... I hope you all enjoyed The Temptation Summer trivia. I know most of you knew many of the answers or could find them. The ORIGINAL CLASSIC FIVE were the most talented of the entire line-up. Dennis added a "nice visual" (ladies you know what I mean), a gospel flavor and the "brotha" could sing. MELVIN, PAUL, EDDIE, DAVID and OTIS came to sing and perform and they LOVED it. (This is not taking away from the many other talented guys that came behind them) BUT the CLASSIC FIVE's goal was to be the best and they ALWAYS will be the best. It's sad that ego's and drugs got in the way and destroyed the WORLD's best GUY group ever. BUT there are people like us that will help keep the music and BLUE alive FOREVER!!

    • LynnMaimuna, Sat Aug 16 00:26
      Wow! Lynn so well done. Thank you a million times!
      • LynnAnnette, Sun Aug 17 17:28
        Hi Lynn. Lady you know your Temptations. Thanks so very much. I stored the answers for future use. Wow! I think you covered the waterfront. I have absolutely no other questions concerning any... more
        • EVERYONELynn, Mon Aug 18 14:34
          Thanks all for the compliments and I hope you all enjoyed it. Just trying to keep some interest going for a few months for Melvin and all the Temptations. Dont forget to tell your best story, your... more
          • Best Temptation MomentAnnette, Wed Aug 20 06:39
            Hi Lynn. Thanks again for all the information. I know a lot of time went into such an in-depth questionnaire. I certainly appreciate it. I didn't get the opportunity to see the Classic Five on stage... more
            • AnnetteLynn, Fri Aug 22 18:48
              If you ever get a chance to see Dennis Edwards and The Temptation review..go see it. You will not be disappointed. Closer to the Classic Five than Otis group --even though a lot of the songs Dennis... more
              • Lynn / Dennis 's TemptationsAnnette, Mon Aug 25 10:43
                Lynn, thanks so much for the info. I will look for Dennis' group in an area near me. I watched Eddie Kendrick and David Ruffin on Unsung Sunday morning. I hadn't realised how great a singer Dennis is ... more
                • Eddie David DennisLynn, Mon Aug 25 16:04
                  Annette Eddie always appeared shy and distant, David was David 24/7 but Dennis Lord...not only could he sing but he added that gospel flavor to the group. Back in the day that 6'4" was a vision ... more
                  • Favorite storyMaimuna, Tue Aug 26 02:41
                    Back in the days of the original five, there was a neighborhood theater called The Breevoort in Brooklyn. I went there to see them. Since it was just a simple movie theater, they weren't really... more
                  • DennisAnnette, Mon Aug 25 16:55
                    Hi lynn. Dennis is still a handsome, vibrant looking man. The Eddie Kendrick Unsung was recorded only last year if I saw date correctly and Dennis was on a lot of the footage. What is it with Otis... more
      • MaimunaLynn, Sat Aug 16 21:47
        Hey Lady I know you got them all right????? LOL. Okay every one else how did you all do. I am sure you did great..and if you fell a little short learned more about a group of guys... more
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