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Sat Aug 16, 2014 00:26

Wow! Lynn so well done. Thank you a million times!

  • Temptation Summer Trivia Answers Pt IILYNN, Fri Aug 15 04:25
    74. According to Otis, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony was a very happy and joyous occasion but also very sad. Why? IT WOULD BE THE LAST TIME THAT THE ORIGINAL 4 PLUS ONE WOULD BE TOGETHER.... more
    • Lynn — Maimuna, Sat Aug 16 00:26
      • LynnAnnette, Sun Aug 17 17:28
        Hi Lynn. Lady you know your Temptations. Thanks so very much. I stored the answers for future use. Wow! I think you covered the waterfront. I have absolutely no other questions concerning any... more
        • EVERYONELynn, Mon Aug 18 14:34
          Thanks all for the compliments and I hope you all enjoyed it. Just trying to keep some interest going for a few months for Melvin and all the Temptations. Dont forget to tell your best story, your... more
          • Best Temptation MomentAnnette, Wed Aug 20 06:39
            Hi Lynn. Thanks again for all the information. I know a lot of time went into such an in-depth questionnaire. I certainly appreciate it. I didn't get the opportunity to see the Classic Five on stage... more
            • AnnetteLynn, Fri Aug 22 18:48
              If you ever get a chance to see Dennis Edwards and The Temptation review..go see it. You will not be disappointed. Closer to the Classic Five than Otis group --even though a lot of the songs Dennis... more
              • Lynn / Dennis 's TemptationsAnnette, Mon Aug 25 10:43
                Lynn, thanks so much for the info. I will look for Dennis' group in an area near me. I watched Eddie Kendrick and David Ruffin on Unsung Sunday morning. I hadn't realised how great a singer Dennis is ... more
                • Eddie David DennisLynn, Mon Aug 25 16:04
                  Annette Eddie always appeared shy and distant, David was David 24/7 but Dennis Lord...not only could he sing but he added that gospel flavor to the group. Back in the day that 6'4" was a vision ... more
                  • Favorite storyMaimuna, Tue Aug 26 02:41
                    Back in the days of the original five, there was a neighborhood theater called The Breevoort in Brooklyn. I went there to see them. Since it was just a simple movie theater, they weren't really... more
                    • Favorite storyAnnette, Tue Aug 26 07:26
                      Maimuna and what a memory that is to treasure. I know your heart did a pitter patter. It's the remembering that keeps all those we love close; immortalizing them. Most of the Temps are gone now but... more
                    • I remeber -- LOVE THIS STORYLynn, Tue Aug 26 04:36
                      The Brevoort, wasnt far from where we lived and I found it interesting that people could even change in that place but it was always a good place for live show "back in the day" Thanks for sharing
                  • DennisAnnette, Mon Aug 25 16:55
                    Hi lynn. Dennis is still a handsome, vibrant looking man. The Eddie Kendrick Unsung was recorded only last year if I saw date correctly and Dennis was on a lot of the footage. What is it with Otis... more
      • MaimunaLynn, Sat Aug 16 21:47
        Hey Lady I know you got them all right????? LOL. Okay every one else how did you all do. I am sure you did great..and if you fell a little short learned more about a group of guys... more
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