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Favorite story
Tue Aug 26, 2014 02:41

Back in the days of the original five, there was a neighborhood theater called The Breevoort in Brooklyn. I went there to see them. Since it was just a simple movie theater, they weren't really equipped with secluded dressing rooms, separate entrances for stars etc. So, during intermission, I was going up the stairs to the bathroom. Melvin was coming down the stairs opposite me. The stairs were carpeted, he was wearing slippers. He slipped on the carpet and slid into me! He said, "are you okay?" That voice reverberated throughout my whole body! I had one of their albums with me, Gettin Ready, and asked him to autograph it for me. He took it to the dressing room and Otis and David also signed it. To this day, that signed album cover is framed and hanging in my house. A memory I will always treasure.

  • Eddie David DennisLynn, Mon Aug 25 16:04
    Annette Eddie always appeared shy and distant, David was David 24/7 but Dennis Lord...not only could he sing but he added that gospel flavor to the group. Back in the day that 6'4" was a vision ... more
    • Favorite story — Maimuna, Tue Aug 26 02:41
      • Favorite storyAnnette, Tue Aug 26 07:26
        Maimuna and what a memory that is to treasure. I know your heart did a pitter patter. It's the remembering that keeps all those we love close; immortalizing them. Most of the Temps are gone now but... more
        • Dennis and OtisLynn, Wed Aug 27 07:09
          Well Annette MIRACLES happen every day and I never say never. That would TRULY be a concert worth going to. No one thought the Temptation Reunion would ever happen. BUT IT DID -- as brief as it was.... more
          • Dennis/OtisAnnette, Thu Aug 28 12:38
            Lynn you are always in the know, so Temptation saavy. That would be great. Please inform me if Dennis's group is anywhere near Louisiana?
            • Dennis EdwardsLynn, Fri Aug 29 06:43
              If I find out he will be in that area or Mississippi I will let you know
      • I remeber -- LOVE THIS STORYLynn, Tue Aug 26 04:36
        The Brevoort, wasnt far from where we lived and I found it interesting that people could even change in that place but it was always a good place for live show "back in the day" Thanks for sharing
    • DennisAnnette, Mon Aug 25 16:55
      Hi lynn. Dennis is still a handsome, vibrant looking man. The Eddie Kendrick Unsung was recorded only last year if I saw date correctly and Dennis was on a lot of the footage. What is it with Otis... more
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