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another Motown death /Motown The Musical hits Detroit
Thu Nov 20, 2014 12:03

Hello all


Just an FYI: I love it when the media portraits Detroit as poor, down trodden and dangerous city where 98% of its resident are on welfare and homeless. Okay, so how did this happen?

Stevie Wonder is here in concert tonight and he is one of the few artist who can sell out The Palace in Auburn Hills MI. They tried with Diana Ross and many Caucasian entertainers and FEW can do what he does every 5-7 years. We all know Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder (soon to be a dad of triplets...his brood number soon to be 9 but he can afford each and every one of them), and Maxwell are the only artist that can record or appear every 5-6-7 years and folks will flock to see them or buy their latest contributions.

Oh, forgot to mention, I am outta here in about another hour heading that way. It snowed yesterday and the temperature are sub-frigid so the roads are icy. I did not spend $155 to sit at home.
I know at work tomorrow I am going to be a zombie. I start at 3am. SAY A LITTLE PRAYER FOR ME. :)

    • motown deathAnnette, Fri Nov 21 06:29
      Hi Lynn. Thanks for the information share over here. Jimmy Ruffin has passed on. I'm sorry to hear that. I love his song, "What becomes of the brokenhearted". I heard that song in the grocery store... more
      • Re: Motown DeathAubrey, Sun Nov 23 21:28
        Hi Annette Sad News Indeed.Remember this song which he did with The Temptations in 1964 ( You Know You Wanna Make me Shine, Shine, A litle beat softer now, A litle beat lowder now !!!!! Ehehehe... more
        • Re: Motown Deathlynn, Fri Nov 28 04:09
          Hey Aubrey Hows it going....Annette, Maimuna and I thought everyone else disappeared because we were the only three who keep up. Hope all is well
          • Hi LynnAubrey, Mon Dec 1 22:26
            I'm still enjoying those CD's (Together Again and Reunion Tour). Once again, THANKS YOU very much. Kind Regards Aubrey
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