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Re: Motown Death
Fri Nov 28, 2014 04:09

Hey Aubrey

Hows it going....Annette, Maimuna and I thought everyone else disappeared because we were the only three who keep up. Hope all is well

  • Re: Motown DeathAubrey, Sun Nov 23 21:28
    Hi Annette Sad News Indeed.Remember this song which he did with The Temptations in 1964 ( You Know You Wanna Make me Shine, Shine, A litle beat softer now, A litle beat lowder now !!!!! Ehehehe... more
    • Re: Motown Death — lynn, Fri Nov 28 04:09
      • Hi LynnAubrey, Mon Dec 1 22:26
        I'm still enjoying those CD's (Together Again and Reunion Tour). Once again, THANKS YOU very much. Kind Regards Aubrey
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