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20 years and counting
Wed Feb 11, 2015 12:18

Hi Annette

Interesting you should inquire. You would NEVER guess who told me about Melvin's passing. Not because he was the WORLD'S GREATEST BASS SINGER but she called him "her baby" for a LONG TIME because he was just a very sweet person, and loved her cooking...MY MOTHER. I was at work that day and she & dad were about to celebrate their 49th anniversary when they heard the news on the radio. Mom called my Aunt to make certain what she heard was true then she called and told me. Still miss him much!!!

  • almost gone 20 yearsAnnette, Sat Feb 7 15:44
    Hi guys just checking over here to see how everyone feels about Melvin 20 years after his death.This Feb 23, will mark the 20ieth anniversary of his death. Where did most everyone go?
    • 20 years and counting — Lynn, Wed Feb 11 12:18
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