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Lynn/ wrong information
Sun Mar 22, 2015 18:40

Sorry Lynn I gave you the wrong information concerning network for 227. 227 airs on encore Black om weeknights from 8pm to 9pm, two episodes.

  • Re: Hi GuysLynn, Sat Mar 21 04:16
    Hey Annette and Maimuna How's things going. Well I hope. This year is certainly moving quickly. Because I really did not watch a lot of the sitcom's growing up I never seen that episode.(I was a... more
    • Lynn/ wrong information — Annette, Sun Mar 22 18:40
    • LynnAnnette, Sun Mar 22 13:27
      Hi Lynn. Please find it and watch it. It was on TV one. 227 comes on every weeknight here form eight to nine. Two episodes are aired. Thanks for everything Lynn. You have led a full life woman. Take... more
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