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Annette Richard
Happy Mother's Day Guys
Sun May 10, 2015 13:08

Hi. Where did everyone go? Hi Lynn. Guys I would love to share with you all the fact that after my fourth graders saw Temptation movie they decided to form a group of five young men for our end of school talent show. They performed, MY girl and Come on. Needless to say they brought the house down with My Girl. come on guys. I"ve missed you all. Melvin Franklin is unsung while Eddie and David have gotten their proper recognition. Hope someone has post when I visit over here again. I'm never giving up on Melvin.

    • You Go Girllynn, Mon May 11 15:30
      Hey Annette I am certain the Talent Show was "Da Bomb"? Did you video tape the show? If so can I donate something and get copy? I always support the kids... good bad or indifferent. HAPPY BELATED... more
      • Lynn, talent show. Annette, Wed May 13 02:55
        Hi Lynn. We weren't allowed to video tape the show. I don't quite no why. I took pictures of them practicing in the class room. How have you been?
        • Re: Lynn, talent show. lynn, Thu May 14 14:42
          ???? Have to shake my head on that one too. I will bet you money somebody recorded it on their cell phone. That is just the nature of this electronic age whether allowed or not. Sending you an email... more
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