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Sat Jun 13, 2015 15:02

Hey the call and will respond soon. On this note. Let me say..I know this is Melvin's website and I have emailed TV One about bio's for Melvin and Paul. NEVER received a response. What about the Dells and we could go on naming other fabulous stars that paved the way for these artists today (Tina--did you see the one on Ike Turner it aired the same night of Big O). There are artist all you have to do is mention their first names and everyone knows who you are talking about. Sister Sledge, The Hutchinson sisters --the Emotions.
I fell in love for the first time listening to These Arms of Mine. Love myself some Otis Redding and cried like a baby when he passed. The boyfriend from back in the day and I ran into each other at a class of 1965 reunion last May and we both had to laugh when we saw each other all we could say is "THESE ARMS OF MINE". The story I could tell about that song (LOL). But I have every song Otis recorded. Saw him twice in concert and he was one fine big guy with the heart of a teddy bear.
The people who have passed away and the rate in which it is happening is mind boggling. I was not really a Percy Sledge fan but "When a Man Loves A Woman" hit people to their very core then and even today.
I have attended many of the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz concerts (either in DC or LA) and a couple of years ago the honoree was BB King. We had front row seats. Talk about a concert to see (see Monk was awesome. I always appreciated his music (my dad was a blues and jazz fan--and that was the Saturday morning music while the house was being cleaned and chores finished(you know what Im talking about--while dancing with the broom and the hair brush was the microphone..and your sisters were your doo-wop back ground singers).I last saw him in concert and he did not disappoint the audience EVER.
I did know that Eddie had a park named for him in "the Ham." That was in part of my "Ultimate Temptation Challenge" last summer.
Back in the day the artist did some things that weren't politically correct but these today JUST DONT CARE what they do or who they disrespect. That's why my XM Radio stays on Channel 48 or 49 for the true old school hits plus Motown and when I want to play my own DJ..nothing like some Temps / Marvin / Miracles / The MadLads/ Teddy P / Big O / Dells /Johnnie Taylor/ Delphonics/ BB / Bobby Bland / Herbie Hancock / Ray Charles / the old Stevie Wonder jams / Coasters / Clyde McPhatter / Drifters / Aretha / Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes / The Four Tops / The Ojays / Gerad LeVert / Dramatics / Gladys / Little Milton / Prince / Mary Wells / Nancy Wilson / Cannonball Adderly / Gloria Lynn / Wes Montgomery and George Benson or Jon Lucian..throw in Bill Withers / The Staple Singers mix it with Mavis singing a House Is Not A Home / chase it with The Marvelettes / Wilson Pickett and so many other people who could SING and you could FEEL IT. I miss that so much.

  • Musicians who have passedAnnette, Fri Jun 12 13:31
    Hi guys. So many of our national treasures have passed these last few months, such as: Percy Sledge(When a man Love a woman), BB Riley King (The Thrill is Gone), Mel Waiters (Hole in the Wall & I got ... more
    • Update — Lynn, Sat Jun 13 15:02
      • Good musicAnnette, Sun Jun 14 05:55
        Good morning. You've listed a lot of serious performers, most of whom I love. Yes I watched Ike and Tina that night to. Funny we did the same thing in our home on Saturdays. We cleaned and listened... more
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