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Where is everyone?
Mon Jun 15, 2015 14:14

Maimuna, Rev, and Aubrey, where are you guys? Let's discuss Blue twenty years after his death.

    • Blue 20 yearsAubrey, Thu Jun 18 14:07
      Hi Annette, its so ironic that I have been listerning and watching The Temptations DVD's more offen recently. I so wish that the years can go back especially during the days of Smokey with the... more
      • Re: Blue 20 yearsLynn, Fri Jun 19 10:07
        Annette you know Im here. Hey Aubrey...good to see you still check the site. You've been missed. Hope you're still enjoying the CD :) You started responding to my ULTIMATE TEMPTATION SUMMER QUIZ last ... more
        • Re:MelvinAubrey, Tue Jun 23 05:57
          Hi Lynn Wow, I'm sill enjoying the CD"s and all thanks to you. They still in the same conditions as the day I;ve receive them. Please great Mr. Smokey for me. I really miss those years when he was... more
      • AUBREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!Annette, Fri Jun 19 07:42
        Hi Aubrey. How have you been? I am so glad you took time to post. I have missed you guys. It's hard to believe Melvin, the greatest bass in the world (IMHO) has been gone 20 years and counting. The... more
        • Re:MelvinAubrey, Tue Jun 23 05:52
          Hi Annette Thanks, I doing great and hope your too. Its Winter here in South Africa, very cold but it will pass.
          • AubreyAnnette, Wed Jun 24 10:13
            Hi Aubrey. Glad you're good. So am I. Winter there in, South Africa Ummmm, well it's hot here in Louisiana. Yes seasons do change literally and figuratively. Your comment reminded me of a quote by... more
        • Hi Lynn.Annette, Sat Jun 20 06:31
          Hi Lynn, of course I know you're here. I wish the others would come back. They all had so much knowledge which I really appreciate. Maimuna, Dee, and others. Kim was a poster a while back who shared... more
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