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Fri Jun 19, 2015 07:42

Hi Aubrey. How have you been? I am so glad you took time to post. I have missed you guys. It's hard to believe Melvin, the greatest bass in the world (IMHO) has been gone 20 years and counting. The other guys were great but Melvin has always been my favorite. I would love to see Melvin and Paul on Unsung.
I've recorded Eddie and David on Unsung. They were all very talented men. I don't think the world has ever, nor ever will see the likes of the Temptations again (Otis, Melvin, Eddie, Paul,& David). Now I do love some Dennis Edwards too. I think there would be an explosion if Otis and Dennis would share the stage again. What do you think? Good seeing you post again Aubrey. Keep enjoying your DVD's. They're awesome! Take care.

  • Blue 20 yearsAubrey, Thu Jun 18 14:07
    Hi Annette, its so ironic that I have been listerning and watching The Temptations DVD's more offen recently. I so wish that the years can go back especially during the days of Smokey with the... more
    • Re: Blue 20 yearsLynn, Fri Jun 19 10:07
      Annette you know Im here. Hey Aubrey...good to see you still check the site. You've been missed. Hope you're still enjoying the CD :) You started responding to my ULTIMATE TEMPTATION SUMMER QUIZ last ... more
      • Re:MelvinAubrey, Tue Jun 23 05:57
        Hi Lynn Wow, I'm sill enjoying the CD"s and all thanks to you. They still in the same conditions as the day I;ve receive them. Please great Mr. Smokey for me. I really miss those years when he was... more
    • AUBREY!!!!!!!!!!!!! — Annette, Fri Jun 19 07:42
      • Re:MelvinAubrey, Tue Jun 23 05:52
        Hi Annette Thanks, I doing great and hope your too. Its Winter here in South Africa, very cold but it will pass.
        • AubreyAnnette, Wed Jun 24 10:13
          Hi Aubrey. Glad you're good. So am I. Winter there in, South Africa Ummmm, well it's hot here in Louisiana. Yes seasons do change literally and figuratively. Your comment reminded me of a quote by... more
      • Hi Lynn.Annette, Sat Jun 20 06:31
        Hi Lynn, of course I know you're here. I wish the others would come back. They all had so much knowledge which I really appreciate. Maimuna, Dee, and others. Kim was a poster a while back who shared... more
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