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Eddie Kendricks passed away twenty-three years ago today.
Mon Oct 5, 2015 18:22

Hi guys. Hi Lynn. How is everyone. Eddie Kendricks on my mind tonight. It's hard to believe he passed October 5, 1992. Time flies. I watched his Unsung biography on my DVR. I love that recording. Let's show Blue some love over here. His birthday is next week, Oct. 12th. I'll stop over again soon. I have never stopped visiting this board and I never will. I miss you guys. Take care.

    • Hey Annette Interesting you would mention that because the local news did a LITTLE clip about him to mention his birthday and years with the Tempts. I thought it could have been more but if you're... more
      • Eddie KendrickAnnette, Thu Oct 8 17:36
        Hi Lynn. I knew you would respond. I just loved the Temps so much I will never give up posting over here. It is so strange that none of the others visit over here or maybe they do and just don't... more
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