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Re: Eddie Kendricks passed away twenty-three years ago today.
Wed Oct 7, 2015 07:46

Hey Annette

Interesting you would mention that because the local news did a LITTLE clip about him to mention his birthday and years with the Tempts. I thought it could have been more but if you're being a tramp -- shooting up innocent people-- or acting like hooker (Mylie Cyrus--did mention a name--my bad)you're treated like a flash in the pan. Nobody recognizes just how much of an impact those guys had on the history of music. Whether they want go admit it or not.
Eddie was the best and set the standard for the many that came behind him. I will be back again on the 12th!

  • Hi guys. Hi Lynn. How is everyone. Eddie Kendricks on my mind tonight. It's hard to believe he passed October 5, 1992. Time flies. I watched his Unsung biography on my DVR. I love that recording.... more
    • Re: Eddie Kendricks passed away twenty-three years ago today. — Lynn, Wed Oct 7 07:46
      • Eddie KendrickAnnette, Thu Oct 8 17:36
        Hi Lynn. I knew you would respond. I just loved the Temps so much I will never give up posting over here. It is so strange that none of the others visit over here or maybe they do and just don't... more
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