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A Birthday Wish To The Best
Mon Oct 12, 2015 12:43

Twenty years, 8 months and eleven days, but who's counting?
And the voice was stilled. But I can pop in a CD and listen to Blue as much as I want. And I do play the Tempts EVERYDAY!
You listen to groups who came behind the Temptations; you listen to singers even as far reaching as today and those who aspire to have the sound, the voice, the following that those five guys STILL HAVE and especially Blue is evident today.
We miss our friend, we miss the sound of REAL music, REAL lyrics, the unsanitized harmony,(they didn't need any music to sound good) lets just put it out there ..we miss one of God's best put together groups and the GREATEST BASS SINGER THAT EVER GRACED THIS EARTH...happy birthday David Melvin English aka Melvin Franklin, aka "BLUE". We will forever love you!

  • I couldn't let this day go by without visiting over here to wish a Happy Birthday to Melvin Blue Franklin. He was the greatest. Wow he's been gone twenty years. Wow, this board started off with so... more
    • A Birthday Wish To The Best — Lynn, Mon Oct 12 12:43
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