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Open-side Press
Tue Oct 11, 2016 22:29

Shenghualong Rubber Machinery is one of the leading open-side press manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are able to offer you cheap open-side press made in China and welcome to check the price with us.Jaw Type Tire Tread Curing Press1.It is used for vulcanizing all kinds of rubber and plastic mould products, and non-mould products.2.This machine is frame structure, including main machine, hydraulic station, electric controlling cabinet. Main machine is composed by base, plunger piston, platform, beam,3. The line of conveyor belt vulcanizing presses are of high automation level and com automatic mould pushing-out device and compulsory mould opening device. 4.Being a column structure and downward pressing type, the heating plate opens by the self-weight of the heating plate, platform and plunger. The rising of the plunger makes the heating plate close while the hydraulic oil provides the pressure.Technical Requirements/ModelXLB1000×1000×2QXLB1200×1200×2QXLB1400×1500×1QXLB1200×2700×2QXLB1600×6000×1QXLBE-Q1200×1200XLBE-Q1600×1500Nominal mould clamping force (MN)2.53.1557.5243.155Hot plate spacing (mm)200300450300400450450Number of hot plate working layers2212111Pressure in unit area of hot plate Mpa2.502.192.382.312.502.192.08Plunger stroke (mm)400400400400400400400Heating modeSteam/oilSteam/oilSteam/oilSteam/oilSteamSteam/oilSteam/oilMain motor power (kW)5.55.51118.5261111Overall dimensions: L*W*H (mm)1490×1000×25101835×1200×26002150×1500×29001780×2890×28006300×2500×32001200×1800×21401500×2400×2600Structure formFrame typeFrame typeFrame typeFrame typeFrame typeJaw typeJaw typeTechnical Requirements/ModelXLB240×240×2XLB350×350×2XLB400×400×2XLB500×500×2XLB600×600×2/4XLB700×700×2XLB750×850×2/4XLB900×900×2QNominal mould clamping force (MN) plate spacing (mm)125125125125125125200300Number of hot plate working layers22222-422-42Pressure in unit area of hot plate Mpa2.602.043.132.522.772.452.512.47Plunger stroke (mm)250250250250250/400250400400Heating modeElectricElectricElectric/SteamElectric/SteamElectric/SteamSteamElectric/SteamSteamMain motor power (kW) dimensions: L*W*H (mm)1200×350×13001400×480×13801600×500×14801750×600×15401880×720×16802000×850×17502250×1200×22001400×900×2400Structure formPlunger typePlunger typePlunger typePlunger typePlunger typePlunger typeFrame typeFrame type url:

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