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Flap Vulcanizer
Tue Oct 11, 2016 22:36

Shenghualong Rubber Machinery is one of the leading flap vulcanizer manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are able to offer you cheap flap vulcanizer made in China and welcome to check the price with us.1.uses The machine is suitable for all kinds of rubber vulcanization rubber model products and the model products.2.Structure machine is the pillar type structure, the suppression of form of press (up) type. Piston in working liquid pressure under the role of rising, piston down (i.e. thermal board opened) by the hot plate, platform and piston self-respect, driven flows back to working liquid storage box, to drop (that is the purpose of open).3.Feature The control mode can be Semi-automatic, Full-automatic, and PLC. and, by this time, we has exported this press to several countries.1.machine of oil cylinder by the ductile iron is made, improve the compression strength and wear resistance. Oil cylinder of placing useful oil resistant rubber sealing ring, in this machine is made of work on sealing function. 2. pump is the machine work combination of power source, it has certain work pressure supply liquid.3. machine adopts tubular electricity heating element, do not need to boiler, can reduce the air pollution, keep clean workshop.4 The electric system adopt PLC programming control, which is easy to be operated url:

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