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Brush Type Corn Planter
Thu Oct 13, 2016 00:05

Product ApplicationThis machine is matched with tractor in 12-40HP for working,Website:, mainly used for precise sowing single seed or double seeds corn in no-tillage field, can drill graininess fertilizer, which can finish furrowing channel for fertilizer , furrowing seeds channel , sowing seeds, covering, pressing etc during one operation. Features:1. Discharging seeds machine has precise sowing rate, the standard seeds index number is up to above 80%.2.Adopt normal filling seeds, could work with high speed, when the plant space is not less than 20cm, working speed could reach 8km/hour.3. Holes spacing is precise, plant is even-distributed, small competition, individual advantage could be given full development, vigorous crops, high harvest. 2BYSF series brush type corn seederModel2BYSF-22BYSF-32BYSF-4Overall1530×1360×1000mm1540×1630×1000mm1570×2320×1000mmWhole weight150kg200kg240kgRequired power15~30hp18~40hp25~40hpPlanting rows234Rows space530~780mm530~680mm530~620mmFertilizer depthUnderside seeds for 50mmUnderside seeds for 50mmUnderside seeds for 50mmSowing seeds depth30~50mm30~50mm30~50mmFertilizing depth60~80mm60~80mm60~80mmWorking efficiency3~4.5(ace/hour)4.5~6.7(ace/hour)6~9(ace/hour)Opening share of fertilizeShovel type opening shareShovel type opening shareShovel type opening shareSeeds hopper capacity (L)8.5L*28.5L*38.5L*4Fertilization hopper130L195L260LLinkageThree-point rear suspensionThree-point rear suspensionThree-point rear suspensionEmpty hole rate<1.5%<1.5%<1.5%Single seed rate>90%>90%>90%

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