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1JH-172 Straw Chopper
Thu Oct 13, 2016 00:06

Product description:This machine absorbs the merits of the similar products domestic and abroad , paint alloy power on the blade, hencethe abrasion proof blade has good cutting and shattering performance. This machine not only increase soil humus,improve soil structure, but also avoid the pollution arising from burn stems.Model1JH-2001JH-1801JH-1721JH-1651JH-1501JH-125Working width(㎝)200180172165150125Stubble height(㎝)<8Cutting length(㎝)<10Blade typeBig flail bladeBig flail bladeBig flail bladeBig flail bladeBig flail bladeBig flail bladeclaw/flail blade quantity(pcs)564846444032Blade shaft turning speed(r/min)207520752075207520752075Matched power(KW)68±545-5540-6035-5535-5018.4-30Machine working speed(tractor)control in 5km±0.5/h.  Ⅰ—ⅡgearOverall dimension(㎜)Length*Width*Height1310×2270×11001310×2070×11001310×1990×11001310×1920×11001310×1770×11001150×1470×925Weight (kg)550510500480450370    url:

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