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TCS Series Pole Type Waterproof Stainless Steel Electronic P
Thu Oct 13, 2016 01:54

Stainless Steel Platform Scale Advantage: Rustproof This scale is fully made by stainless steel material, even the indicator housing is also stainless. For protecting the load cell, we added a plastic housing to cover the load cell, so that dust and water are not easily to touch the load cell.Stainless steel platform scale is very suitable for weighing seafood or other corrosive goods.Common standard capacity, precision and plate sizeCapacityAccuracySize(mm)Pan SizePacking Size60KG10G300*400685*325*175100KG20G300*400685*325*175150KG50G350*450790*375*205300KG100G400*500815*425*210500KG200G450*600930*465*235If you need special capacity or platform size, please feel free to negotiate with us! url:

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