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OEM Electronic Mild Steel Heavy Duty Standard Or Customized
Thu Oct 13, 2016 01:55

Mild Carbon Steel Frame Platform Scale Advantage: Foldable Pole, Best PerformanceStandard Capacity and Platform Size:1. 60KG~100KG     300x400mm Platform 2. 150KG~300KG    400x500mm Platform 3. 500KG~600KG    450x600mm Platform4. 800KG~1000KG   600x800mm Platform with wheelsCustomized Platform is available, please negotiate with us.Precision: 1/3000, 1/6000 dual division for price computing platform scale Precision: 1/30000 for Weighing & Counting ScaleCaution  1.Battery: The battery must be recharged properly after use of the scale without Mains power. Normally, charged for 1.2hr for each use 1 hr of scale. If it is not used for longer time, than charge it continuously for 24 hours. Otherwise, it will damage to battery.Never connect battery in reverse polarity. Ensure that the scale’s +ve is connected with battery +ve and scale’s –ve is connected with battery –ve.Remark: Before you beginning to charge battery, please turn off the scale first.2.Water/Temperature: Protect your scale from heavy raining, water flooding and also from direct sunlight and high temperatures (above 50 deg. C).This scale is not a waterproof scale.3.Humidity: Protect it from the constant humidity, do not install near humidifier.4.Magnetic field: Do not install your scale near strong magnetic field, it may damage delicate parts of your scale.5.Repair/Maintenance: Do not try to open the scale by yourself or by unauthorized technical person. This may damage the scale permanently. Always contact your nearest dealer/service station for emergency repair.1.Different Indicators for option.2.Capacity: 50KG, 60KG, 100KG, 150KG, 300KG, 500KG3.Precision: 1/3000 or 1/6000 FS4.Platform Size: 30*40cm, 40*50cm, 45*60cm, 60*80cm5.Platform Material: Iron, 0.6mm thickness galvanized plate 6.Power: AC110/220V 50/60HZ7.Battery: Rechargeable lead-acid or lithium battery8.Customized Platform Size is available, please negotiate with us9.Advantage: Cheap Price10.Packing: 1pc/ctn or 2pcs/ctn(highly recommended)11.MOQ: 1pc for common model, OEM or ODM please negotiate with us.Mini Platform Scale Advantage: Mini Size, foldable, portable, sturdy and light weight, suitable for selling fish, vegetable, fruit in fair.Function: Price computingPlatform Size: 330x230mmPacking Size: 590x355x130mm 1pc/ctn Capacity: 0-60KGReadability: 10GBattery: lead-acid or lithium battery 4V/4Ah Working Time: Over 600 hours after fully recharged.Warranty: 12 months for scale, 6 months for lead-acid battery, 36 months guarantee for lithium battery url:

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