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Small Scale Juice Filling Line
Thu Oct 13, 2016 02:09

Small scale juice filling lineProducts Introduction SpecificationsSmall Scale Juice Filling Line / Machine / Machinery: 1.Washing, filling and capping . 2.Capacity:1000-2000BPHDescription:The small scale juice filling line / machine / machinery includes QS auto washer, CG auto filter,FXZ auto capper,SC conveyor,etc.The key parts for washing, filling and sealing are made of high quality stainless steel, with the features of advanced technology, completed system, reliable performance,easy in operation,etc.Parameter1.Washing machineItemDescriptionUnitModel: QS-121PowerKW0.75kw2Main material :/Stainless steel 3043Production capacityB/hour2000bottle/hour4Bottle diameter range/60-110mm5Bottle heightmm140-380mm6Filling temperature 5-90degree7Filling pressure 0.2-0.3Mpa8Motor/Siemens brand9Controller ways/Electromagnetic speed regulating10Speed reducer/Made-in-china11Dimensionmm1200*1100*2100mm12Weightkgs10002. Filling MachineItemDescriptionUnitModel: CG-121PowerKW1.12Main material :/Stainless steel 3043Production capacityB/hour1200-2000bottle/hour4Bottle diameter range/60-110mm5Bottle heightmm140-380mm6Filling temperature 5-90℃7Filling pressure 0.2~0.3Mpa8Motor/Siemens brand9Controller ways/Electromagnetic speed regulating10Speed reducer/Made in china ,best brand11Dimensionmm1200*1100*2100mm12Weight 1000kg3. Capping MachineItemDescriptionUnitModel: FXZ-11PowerKW0.552Main material :/Stainless steel 3043Production capacityB/hour1200-2000bottle/hour4Bottle diameter range/60-110mm5bottle heightmm140-380mm6Motor/Siemens brand7Dimensionmm940*650*2000mm8Weight 400kgFlow chartCertificationsOur CompanyOur Service1.Alibaba domestic standing and alibaba international station for more than two years.2.We have factory experience for more than 15 years.3. We have ourselves brand "FILLTECH". Quality and service are our culture.4. Produce all reverse osmosis water system according to the ISO9001 standards and SGS standard.5. Professional manufacturing engineers and Professional production of reverse osmosis water system.6. Direct manufacturers, offer the best price.7. OEM&ODM available.8. The punctual delivery of goods, quality and quantity guaranteed.9. Have obtained many patents certification from government. url:

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