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Thin Film Precision Chip Resistor
Thu Oct 13, 2016 05:55

thin film precision chip resistorFeatures         1.Advanced thin film technology;2.Very tight tolerance down to ±0.01%;3.Extremely low TCR down to ±5ppm/℃;4.Wide resistacne range 1ohm ~ 3 Mega ohm;5.Miniature size 0201available;6.Lead-free;7.Precision thin film resistorConstruction and dimensions of chip resistor   Naming Order Lead Time             4-6 weeks for mili ohm resistorBrand      Viking precision chip resistorPaper tape specification          Embossed plastic tape specifications (mm) Type A(±0.1) B(±0.1) W(±0.1) E(±0.1) F(±0.05) P0(±0.05) P1(±0.1) P2(±0.05) D0(±0.1) T(±0.2) YTF102.855.45121.755. url:

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