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Constantan Wire With Solderable Copper Terminals
Thu Oct 13, 2016 05:56

Constantan wire with solderable copper terminalsMain product types                       current sening resistors, shunt resistors, chip resistors,aluminium-shell wirewound resistors, braking resistors;Features                                 A. Solid quality low resistance value;B. tolerance: ±1%, ±2%; and ±5%;C. Low TCR ±40ppm/ ℃and low inductance;D. construction: welded costruction;E. solderable terminals: Four solderable copper leads.F: value: down to 0.0005 ohms;G: Power: 2~ 13 watts;Comment Dimensions                            typepowerWHA (±0.5)T (±0.3)L (Max)PSR-2-102W1606.0535PSR-3-103 W16.506.0535PSR-8-0.58W25.46.5±±± W25.46.5± No. Ordering Power DeratingElectrical Features – TCR DeratingApplications           Current sensing; Feedback, Surge and pulsePackaging               Internal package:    typeLongWidethickP11301300.2P21601600.2P32101500.1 External package:TypeLongWideHighB117012050B2240180115B3230170200B4250250250B5300300200 url:

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