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Package Storange Transporation And Safety
Thu Oct 13, 2016 06:44

Shandong Bluestar Dongda Chemical Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China package storange transporation and safety manufacturers, welcome to buy high-quality package storange transporation and safety from our professional factory.1.Packing
and TransportationThis
product can be packed by clean, dry ,sealed and specific galvanized
lron  drums with 200kg, tanker, flexitank, or by customer
requirement. The container should be tightly closed and stored in dry
warehouse at room temperature. Please pay attention to rain and
contamination , handle carefully, avoid the collision with hard
objects, and close after utilization to prevent moisture absorption.The
period of validity is 6 months and after that can also be used if the
product is good upon re-examination.2.Safety
and ToxicityHigh
flashpoint, combustible, unexplosive and almost noToxicity. Use foam,
power, steam and water to put out in case of fire. Safe goggles is
necessary when operates PPG. Please rinse with soap water in case of
skin contamination. Must wash immediately with plenty of water or go
to see the doctor when splash on eyes. url:

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