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Vegetables Vaccum Dryer Machine
Thu Oct 13, 2016 07:28

Dried fruit drying machine General application: the dried fruit drying machine is oven in fact. This kind oven is suitable for heat solidifying,Website:, drying dehydration of raw material in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, industry. Such as Chinese traditional medicine, herbal extract, tablet of drink, granules, powder, pigment, dehydrated fruit, and so on. The drying machine can dehydrate the apple, jackfruit, banana, durian, grape and so on. Also reach the GMP requirement.Working principle:The drying is the process that the raw material heated in the trays with hot air circle, the wet moisture take out from material will be exhausted outside at the same time.Characteristic function:1) Feed and dry material in tray, easy for load and unload, not easy cause any damage for the raw material, clean conveniently.2) With low noise and steady operation, and the temperature can be controlled automatically. Total conform with GMP requirement.3) With a widely applied field, can be suitable for all kinds of raw material.It's a comprehensive dryer.ModelElectric(gas/diesel)Heating temperatureoutputdimensionApplied products3-layer electric oven30KW/H180℃150kg/h5400x1300x2000mmPuffed snacks, breakfast cereals5-layer electric oven60KW/H180℃250kg/h5800x1300x2400mmPuffed snacks, breakfast3-layer gas/diesel oven4.8-10 m³/h(gas)5.1-10kg/x (diesel)180℃150kg/h6500x1600x2000mmPuffed snacks, breakfast5-layer gas/diesel oven16-22 m³/h (gas )7-14kg/x (diesel)180℃250kg/h6000x1500x2400mmPuffed snacks, breakfast

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