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Modified Starch Processing Line
Thu Oct 13, 2016 07:35

The modified starch processing line adopts the double-screw extruder. The double-screw extruder for producing modified starch is kind of new technology  for modified starch. The technology combined with conveying, blending, temperature up and pressure up, shearing and melting etc process on double-screw extruder to accomplish thermo-chemical denaturation process of starch. The modified starch processing line can product Denatured Starch, Pre-gelatinized starch is an effective and economical fluid loss agent in water based drilling fluids, which is a starch derivative. It is not bacterial degradation when at 120℃, environmentally acceptable and non-toxic. Modified Starch can produce a thin, slick, tough filter cake and promotes faster penetration rates with reducer friction. It can be used in all kinds of drilling fluid system. Pre-gelatinized starch is also sometimes "pregelatinized" to make them easier to dissolve during product manufacture. Modified starch is widely used in oil drilling, textile, paper and food industries. Technical  parameter:ModelInstalledpowerConsumption   powerOutputDimension sizeLW-85 Double   screw extruder line136kw110kw300-500kg/h24500×3000×5300mmLW-70 Double   screw extruder line126kw82kw180-300kg/h24000x1500x2200mm url:

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