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Slim 150W Canopy
Thu Oct 13, 2016 07:47

The KILI LED lighhting WC series super thinner LED Canopy is designed to replace 150W - 250W metal halide fixtures. The long LED life and great color rendering makes this fixture attractive for new or retrofit projects,it's widely used at indoor or outdoor such as parking lot,garages,shopping area and walkways.Key details:Power consumption 150 wattsHigh efficiency. Output is over 6900lm. Efficiency is up to 120lm/w. Nichia chips, high luminous efficiency and long working life.High efficiency LED Driver, the wide range input voltage AC100-277V/200-480VACHigh CRI. CRI is over 80. More vivid and natural lighting. Maintenance Free. Extremely long life reduces re-lamp frequency. Save labor cost to replace bulbs with short lifespan.  url:

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