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Tricolor Light
Thu Oct 13, 2016 11:00

Tricolor light1.Model: DSR4*36W tricolor cold light2.Power: 220W3.Color temperature: 3200K/5600K4.Color rendering index Ra value: 95--1005.Dimmer function: unadjustable6.advantages of tricolor lighttricolor light (also called cold light),Website:, improve the luminous efficiency and have low temperature. Compared with thermal light source, it reduce more than 90% heating.7.The "DSR series" tricolor cold lights has the following advantages:· Long service life. Lamp lifespan is up to 10,000 hours, 60 times longer than orther thermal light source.· Low temperature. Low surface temperature of lamp, making almost no temperature rise of illuminated objects.· Low power consumption. Saving energy by 30% compare with other thermal light source.· High color rendition rate.· Soft light. No dazzling. Comfortable and relaxed.· Housing: Aluminum structure.  High reflective efficiency.

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