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Thu Oct 13, 2016 11:53

FeaturePower lightning protection lightning protection signal flow, automatic overheat protection circuit overload power indicator indicates the status of the intelligent lightning protection and grounding fault phase state intelligence indicating EMI / RFI noise suppression standard modular jack module two flexible, reliable grounding mode with separate grounding screwPrecautionsFirst, the outlet shopping tips1, the detection distance jackI believe many people in the purchase of the socket, often encounter such a situation: a number of plug socket, the other can not be inserted, causing the plug "fight" phenomenon. Then we should pay attention to the panel from the two, between the three jacks. Otherwise it will cause unnecessary trouble.2, the test plug, pull strengthPlug too hard can be judged poor contact performance this socket; and too loose, then the elastic jack difference. Qualified safety socket feel relatively comfortable, but also to ensure the intensity of each jack plug is almost the same. url:

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