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Pulley Type Wire Drawing Machine
Thu Oct 13, 2016 12:07

Description:LW1-6/560、LW1-6/650 pulley type wire drawing machineType550 type450 type350 typeWinding Drum Diameter550mm450mm350mmMaximum Inlet Wire Diameter6.5-mm4mm2.5mmOutlet diameter2.5mm1.5mm0.8mmTotal Percentage of Reduction74.88%84%87%Average Percentage of Reduction20-30%23%22.5%Wire Roller Speed260m/min318.7m/min280m/minMotor's Power18.5kw11kw4kwWeight1570kg1280kg700kgMEAS2657X1100X26006650X1600X2270660X1065X2380LW6-550.6-450.LW6-350 pulley type wire drawing machineDescription:LW6/550 pulley type wire drawing machineWinding Drum Diameter550mmMaximum Inlet Wire Diameter6.5mmMinimum Outlet Wire Diameter2.5mmTotal Percentage of Reduction%74.88Average Percentage of Reduction20-30%Finished roll wire-speed range260m/minMotor's Power18.5kwWeight1570kgMEAS2657X1100X2600First,Website:, useThe device uses multiple organ linked, high-speed continuous drawing mechanical drawing for drawing non-ferrous wire 6.5-2.5 mm low carbon steel wire and copper and aluminum, is also drawing high carbon steel wire for wire used in construction , galvanized wire, electrical wire, screw, nail, wire rope manufacturing batch drawing.Second, the structure before1. The machine consists of six single roll each with a separate drive motors connected in parallel, to meet the production needs of users may also be accompanied by five single reel, the whole supply four single roll, or a single roll .2. The use of early reduction belt wheel, helical gear and then by two different pairs of the deceleration gear ratio, thereby increasing the torque of each roll and get a different drawing speed.3. Simple and compact structure, transmission balanced, easy maintenance, the use of helical gear reducer ZG45, after the processing by the Research start with low noise, long life and other advantages.4. drawing machine mold box and reel with a cooling device, can reduce the temperature of the wire drawing dies prolong life.5. Easy to operate, a full set of drawing machine only 1-2 people to operate, with a foot switch for easy wear jog mode.6. There is secure parking electrical device, when the operator is too close to the wire drawing machine, can touch the lever stop automatically in case of emergency, the operator can also be manually pushed inwards lever, so drawing machine stop.7. In order to adapt to the shifting needs of a variety of materials drawn, can be three-phase pole-changing motor speed to achieve the purpose of the automatic transmission.

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