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Aluminum Clad Copper Tube (ACC)
Thu Oct 13, 2016 13:56

ACC (aluminum clad copper) tubeACC tube has an outer layer of antirust 3003 aluminum alloy and inner layer of oxygen-free copper. The copper-aluminum interface achieves metals bonging among atoms, popular saying: metallurgy bonding. ACC tube combines the excellent moment decalescence capability of copper with the excellent heat-sinking capability of aluminum. Thus, ACC tube owns good heat-transmit performance, which can be widely applied in air conditioner, refrigeration, dehumidifier and so on. The heat exchanger, adopting ACC tube, completely eradicates the electrochemistry decays between copper tube and aluminum of traditional heat-exchanger. Greatly reduces the recession of energy efficiency ratio, provides key material for making long-effect air conditioner, and saves more than30% purchase cost for manufacturer. Over millions of air-conditioners have been put to market. Anti-corrosion and heat exchange performance can meet the requirements.NOTE: All index and parameters achieve related standards after testing the air-conditioner made by ACC tube, which has run for over 5 years.ACC tube basic performance:ACC tube weight ratio:CU/AL30/70,volume ratio:CU/AL10/90Tension strength:≥115MpaElongation:≥35%Expanding:≥40%Density: 4.3 url:

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