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Impulse Voltage Generator
Thu Oct 13, 2016 15:36

Impulse voltage generator system Main Description
 This system is used for lightning impulse voltage full wave, chopped wave and operating impulse voltage testing to check the insulation performance. It is suitable for power transformer, distribution transformer, PT, CT, arrester, and related electrical equipment. The system mainly consists of generator, chopper, voltage divider, control cabinet, digital wave oscilloscope, etc.Main Features:
 The loop inductance is small, and takes the band-stop filter measures, under large load capacity can produce standard shock
 The voltage utilization factor is high, lightning and operating wave no less than 85% and 80%
 Easy operation, good synchronizing performance, reliable operation
 Constant current charging automatic control technology, high degree of automation and anti-jamming capabilityMain Specifications Nominal Voltage (kV)Impulse Capacity (μF)Series Capacity (μF)Impluse Energy (kJ)Series Voltage (kV)SeriesH(mm)H1(mm)H2(mm)Weight (kg)3000.16250.3257.31150214618404205470.250.511.256114500.10830.32510.973188112604206940.166660.516.877586000.081250.32514.634230116804208420.1250.522.59067500.0650.32518.2852721210042010060.10.528.1311669000.05420.32521.9563141252042011860.08330.533.74137810500.04640.32525.5873561294042013660.07140.539.36169712000.04060.32529.2383981336042015450.06250.5451801 url:

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