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Header Pipe Notching Machine
Thu Oct 13, 2016 15:39

Header pipe punching machine
 The Header Punch Machine/Press is designed to automatically index to create up to 40 pairs of slots on a pipe (for a maximum 40 panels). The header pipe is cut simultaneously with 2 specially shaped, rectangular type slots for each panel. During the punching operation, the pipe is supported internally to prevent deformation. These slots are matched to the manufacturer standard design panel profile for optimal flow. The header pipe is then automatically indexed for the next panel and is punched again. The indexing distance is variable via computer indexing control, which enables the panel spacing to be easily changed if required. Cycle time to punch and move to next punch position is approximately 6 seconds.
 The Header Punch Press tool is hydraulically operated. The hydraulic power unit is integrated into the frame of the machine minimizing the footprint of the machine. The hydraulic power system can be equipped with air / oil or water / oil cooling systems in applications where ambient temperatures are higher.No Specification Unit Requirement Offered 1Header pipe diameter (outer)mm902Header pipe wall thicknessmm3.03Number of slots in header pipe for each panel 02 (1 Pair)4Center distance b/w slots for panels                        mm42 to 50 (Variable)5Maximum length of header pipe          mmUp to 20006Operating Conditions The temperature Humidity                  °C %8 to 42 100 7Pneumatic connection          bar6 url:

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