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Process Ink High Class HD-MA
Thu Oct 13, 2016 15:40

PROCESS INK HIGH CLASS HD-MAWell balanced in every aspect, it is a high quality sheet-fed ink designed to offer utmost ease of use.Applicable to matte coated paperReinforces ink coat and enables use of matte coated paper.High Gloss effectsSuperior printability enables smooth gloss of excellent effects.Rapid Setting and DryingIt dries very rapidly, offers excellent turnaround time and is suitable for stacking. These properties make it ideal for small scale printing on high-speed presses. Its excellent drying property allows it to be used with wide range of papers.Excellent Ink-Water BalanceIts suitability to dampening water and emulsification has been strengthened to enable higher level of non-alcohol printing. It swiftly creates a stable printing condition.Overnight TypeBesides the standard type that is designed with an emphasis on drying, ON (overnight) type, designed with an emphasis on workability is also available. url:

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