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Amorphous Core Cutting Machine
Thu Oct 13, 2016 15:41

MORPHOUS ALLOY CORE CUTTING LINE The amorphous alloy core cutting line is mainly used for the automatic cutting and stacking of the amorphous alloy transformer core. This line adopts PLC control, servo drive, touch screen operation with high precision mechanical forwarding mechanisms. It has high automation, high productivity and high reliability.1.The decoiler is compact in structure, mechanical driven independently, adopts frequency stepless speed regulation, and has the function of automatic tracking control. Three sets of decoilers can be operated separately, also can be used together with cutting and automatic stacking system.2.AC servo system is applied to preset length feeding with high accuracy.3.High-power servo motor is applied to the shears that completes the cutting through speed variation mechanism and crankshaft connecting rod mechanism. The carbide alloy cutter has long lifetime.4.Operation HMI of advanced touch screen, convenient for setting parameter, and choosing sheet shapes and saving size, and monitoring operation of the production line.5.The production line has simple and reasonable structure’ adoption of a great deal of standard parts makes it easy for maintain and upgrade.ItemFHH-2000FJJ-5000DecoilerCapacity1000kg1500kgCoil ODФ1200mm maxФ1200mm maxCoil IDФ360-Ф430mmФ360-Ф430mmSuitable core sizeWindow height150-850mm150-2000mmWidow width30-450mm50-1500mmStack thickness25-130mm250-150mmSuitable amorphous alloy width140-232mm140-232mmCutting length300-3000mm300-5000mmCutting thicknessMax 15 layers each 0.025mm thickCutting angle90°Cutting length precision±0.5mmCutting angle precision±0.5°Stacking precision±0.5mmFeeding speed5-80m/minCutting speed0-30pcs/min0-20pcs/minPower10KWLine dimension12X2X2.2m15X2X2.2m url:

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